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May 8, 2011

I've made a few decisions this past week. I decided for my major dilemma that I would stay as a performance major, but start taking a bunch of production classes. I have yet to email my advisor, but I will do so this week.

I had my auditions for the department shows this past Wednesday, and I have to say that I'm quite disappointed in myself. I need to stop leaving things to the last minute and get on the ball. I read one monologue for my audition. Big no-no, but I did it anyways. The other monologue and the song went well, but the fact that I didn't memorize my monologue left a bad taste in my mouth. And since I didn't get any callbacks, I'm sure it left a bad taste in the directors' mouths as well. Better luck next time?

Honestly, I'm just done with being here right now. I love Hofstra, but I'm done with the academic shit, and I have been for a month now. Ugh. Just get me outta here.

I feel like a real college kid now. I went to my first party and I got really drunk. It was fun up until I started to feel nauseous and threw up six times last night. So...yeah. Never drinking that much that fast again. I still feel shitty, but I think I'll be okay by tomorrow. I feel even worse for Lily,who had to take care of me last night while I was puking out my insides. Lessons learned.

So, I'm going to go be responsible and shirk some more work. I just can't function right now.

Lots of Love,

May 1, 2011

It's May already!? Oof, I've only got 3 weeks of classes left, and I'm done with year one at The Hof! I can't even believe it.

I went to Sakura Matsuri yesterday at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in (you guessed it) Brooklyn, NY. I want to go back there just to take pictures of the beautiful gardens! I couldn't even believe it! I went as Sebastian with my friends Karen as the Dark Magician Girl, and Nelly as herself. XD I got a ton of pictures thanks to Nelly. She was our official photographer for the day.

I've been doing some serious thinking lately. Now, everyone knows that I love to cosplay. It's one of the first things that I think of (which may or may not be healthy, as I've said before). And in a sense, anyone who puts on a costume and acts in character is cosplaying, so technically actors are cosplayers, right? (Screw logic!) So, since I love cosplaying, making costumes, and figuring out make up and hair/wigs for my costumes, why shouldn't I be a costumer? Why shouldn't I make it my major? I could do what I love for a profession!

The only problem with all of that is that I wouldn't be acting anymore, or most of the time. That's something that I would have a hard time getting over. I mean, I live to act, but the methods of acting that we are learning in class are, to me, boring and over-complicated. Actually, I hate the way that we're learning how to act. My professor says that it makes things easier, but I say that it makes it harder. That's just my opinion, though. I like doing two things: Shakespeare and musical theatre. What am I learning how to act in? Realism. -_-' And I feel that the only chances that I get to work on the acting that I love to do is later in my studies, and me (being the impatient person that I am) want to learn it now.

I feel like I'm not concerning myself with what I need to decide to do, which is determine which is more important to me: cosplay or acting. I feel that I'm focusing more on the monetary issue: how much it will cost. I have yet to talk to my parents about my issue at hand, but if I do decide to take the production root, then I would have to take a summer course, which means more money for my parents to spend. I hate that everything comes down to money. Ugh.

I really need to call my mom and tell her all of this. I've been bouncing this idea off of all of my friends, but they can't speak for my mom and dad, who are the ones I really should be talking to right now.

Lots of Conflict,

April 25, 2011

And I'm really neglectful of this page.

So, with less than a month left (LOLWUT), this whole college thing has been an experience. Neither good nor bad, but it had its ups and downs. Such is life?

A quick summary:
  • I moved three times while on campus. It's a long story. Maybe I'll tell it, but highly unlikely.
  • I hit the biggest funk I had ever been in and realized that there is no place like home. (Wizard of Oz wasn't lying, guys. For srs.)
  • Conventions are more fun when you have someone with you.
  • I became a freelance photographer for a professor of mine. My pictures will be published in his upcoming book.
  • I do not look good as a blonde. And bleach hurts like a bitch. Never doing that again. (At least not my whole head. >>)
  • I went and sang at Carnegie Hall. It was epic and everything that I dreamed of and more. I am so lucky.
  • During that, I realized that despite my homesickness, high school sucks compared to college and I'd choose NY over NA any day.
  • I went to 5 conventions since starting school, and will be going back to every one next year.
  • I really immersed myself in cosplay. It's become the first thought in my mind for a majority of my time at Hofstra, which kind of worries and excites me at the same time.
  • I learned how to use the sewing machine that my mom took back from the costume room at my HS (finally).
  • Cramming costumes in the week before a convention is NOT FUN. Srsly. I don't even know how we did it.
  • I want to do musical theatre, but I'm also seriously considering being a costuming major. Maybe it's because I've got post-con depression right now, but I want more cosplay in my face. Right now.
  • I do not need this many pairs of shoes. I think another donation to the costume room is in order. Or maybe I'll sell them.
  • Despite the fact that I love to cosplay, school work should always come first. I'm paying through the nose right now.
That being said, I need to go write some papers.

Lots of Love,
Wow, I've neglected this page a lot. I guess I've just been so busy. Packing and unpacking was a bitch. :/

So, I'm officially moved in and am attending Hofstra! Last night was my first night here, and it went better than I expected. I thought I would be up all night, wishing I were home, but I was so tired that I fell asleep right away, which was nice. It was hard saying goodbye to my parents, and I sobbed in my room by myself for a little while, but my friends were able to cheer me up a bit. And tomorrow I'm sleeping in! :3

There really isn't much else to say. Things haven't started to pick up just yet, and I think it would be boring to recount the last two days here so far. All I knowis that I'm exhausted and hungry. So, I'm outta here.

Lots of Love,

Jul. 24th, 2010

Well, I had orientation this past week. I got back last night, and I must say, I had a great time.

My parents and I stayed in Hempstead on Monday night and we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was delicious as always, and all of us only ate half of everything we ordered. Unfortunately, we were planning on bringing it home, but we couldn't fit it in the cooler, and my parents couldn't buy an extra styrofoam cooler in time, so all of our leftovers were spoiled. I could really use that cake right now.... :c

But anyways. Tuesday was the first day of orientation. My OL Scott was really awesome, and he decorated all of our name tags. I'll keep it forever. XD We went to a bunch of seminars where they talked at us about various things, but I had a good time. It was very informative, and after all of the info thrown at me, I wasn't confused, thankfully. But I met a bunch of new people and we hung out. We all ended up playing Apples to Apples in the common room after dinner. Then it evolved into improv games, but I had to get up early so I didn't stay too late.

Wednesday we had more seminars, and after dinner was the OLs' presentation of "True Life: I'm a Hofstra Student." Then afterwards was Hofstra's Got Talent auditions. Unfortunately I was up first, but that was also kind of nice, since I didn't have to be anxious during everyone else's performances. I sang Duffy's Warkwick Avenue. I feel like I should have picked a Broadway song, because I would be more comfortable with the song. I had to refer to my iPod for some of the lyrics, and I hate having to do that. But I think I sounded fine otherwise. Then there was a dance that night, which Peter and I stayed at the whole time. We were dancing with the OLs and I learned a new version of Cotton-Eye joe, which was exhausting but fun. ^^

Thursday was all business. I scheduled all of my classes. I'm taking a drama cluster, Japanese, Forensics, and an audition class. I'm very happy with all of my choices. I'm actually excited for school now. I got to pick my classes the way I want them, and they just happen to fill the requirements. And I don't have to fill all of the requirements all at once. So it's very empowering to know that I'm in complete control of what I'll be studying this fall. Then I went and got my ID picture taken and signed up for a meal plan. My parents got caught in traffic, so I had a lot of down time before I had to leave. It gave me a good look at what it's like to be busy and what it's like when I have down time on campus, and I am totally ready for this.

And now I am just waiting for August 26th when I move in. ^^ My roommates and I are planning on what everyone is bringing right now, so it's all about packing and getting organized. I'll be out of here in a little over a month. It will be sad, but at the same time I welcome the change.

Today I vegged out and watched A Very Potter Sequel. It was intense and wonderful. I loved it. And then I watched Me and My Dick because I never got to finish it. I loved that show as well. And now I'm off to bed. Exelsior!

Lots of Love,
Just another quick update. Nothing much really happening around here, except thunder and no rain. It's kinda nice, but if it rained, it would be much cooler.

I had my graduation party on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. There was a ton of family there that I wasn't expecting to see. It was really nice. And a bunch of my friends showed and we goofed off in the pool when it wasn't raining. We had a fire burn, and now I have four bags of those giant marshmallows. I have no idea WHAT I am going to do with them. And my grandfather is getting me a laptop for my graduation present, which we're going to pick out this weekend. ^^ I'm excited.

I'm planning on going to Canobie Lake Park with Morgan tomorrow, and she might come over today to chill. I've been feeling really sleepy lately. Maybe I should go take a nap.

Orientation is next Tuesday, which is exciting. ^^ I can't wait to go to Hofstra and meet people. XD And there will be a ton of theatre and dance majors there, so I'll be hanging with people that I might have class with! I'm sooo pumped.

Over and out!
Lots of Love,
Hahaha, so I fail at posting on that youtube channel. Whatevers......

I'm sooo excited! I got my hair cut (FINALLY), and I am very pleased with it. ^^ It's short and fancy schmancy and wonderful. X3

Nothing has been happening lately. Just the usual fire burns and hanging out with friends. There isn't really much to post about nowadays. I rediscovered my love of The Phantom of the Opera last night, and now I kind of regret taking all of my musical soundtracks off of my iPod Touch. But my old iPod still works well enough that I can listen to that.

My family and I are going to have a picnic on the common and watch the fireworks later. Nothing special. Just kinda lazing around and not doing anything. =/

Alright. I'm outta here.

Lots of Love,

I'm going to stop procrastinating....now.

Lots of Love,
So, apparently I have an admirer on formspring. Note the sarcasm.

But anyways. Someone's been hating on my formspring and I think that it's hilarious. It's just so unintelligent, shallow, and cowardly. They're posting anonymous insults and calling me things like a "fucking bitch", which is not an insult nowadays. I just find every post so funny. It's obvious that they are only posting out of jealousy and they are too cowardly to say anything to my face. And they are taking this so seriously, like they are the coolest person in the world and that they're better than me for posting such things. But the thing is, post something like that once and it's just a nasty comment. Post it once and it's harassment, and I can call the cops on them. AND I KNOW WHO IT IS. Haha, they just make me laugh.

Other than that whole situation, which really has not affected me at all, I'm pretty wonderful. I've been hanging out with close friends and just generally having a good summer so far. I've got the Anything Goes showing tonight and a few parties this weekend. I've also rediscovered the joys of coloring books and nonpareils. Life is good.

Lots of Love,

Jun. 15th, 2010

A lot of stuff has been happening since I last posted. I went to prom at Fenway Park! It was a blast. I'd never been to Fenwaqy before then, and I liked it a lot. I got to eat dinner out in the bleachers and just enjoy the view from over home plate when I needed to rest from dancing. All of the ladies looked gorgeous and all the men were quite handsome. It was a fun night.

I graduated on the 11th. I'M FREEEEE!!! This is so amazing. And I'm not even sad about any of it. In all seriousness, I don't think that graduation should be a sad occasion, which is what everybody made it at the SOS party. The night ended and everybody burst into tears. I didn't though, because I know that I'll see my friends over the summer, so it's not like we parted forever. And to me, the friend that still stick with you over the summer are the ones worth keeping. But after graduation I went out with my parents and my sister to dinner, which was nice. Then the SOS party, which was hard to sit through because I was exhausted. I still haven't recovered. Then a few graduation parties up until now. Tonight is the NAMA banquet and Friday is the Coffee House, so I get to be Lady Gaga on Friday. XD

There's been some drama of the social kind between some of my friends and I, and I'm trying not to let it get to me. But sometimes, you just can't help thinking about it. I hate when this shit happens. And it's between people that I've never had problems with before, where one or two people are being dumb and pissing everyone off. BUT I finally bucked up the courage and I'm gonna tell the person that I've been fawning over for over a year that I have feelings for them, to hell with what comes afterwards. To be quite honest, I'm sick and tired of bottling things up. I just need to grow a pair and get things off of my chest. And if things don't work out, we can still be friends.

Well, I'm done ranting. I have to make a salad for tonight.

Lots of Love,